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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 14, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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more than a hundred homes evacuated in montgomery county because of a mysterious odor. what investigators are learning this morning. is trump plaza in atlantic city cashing in? what workers are looking out for today. and a body falls out of the coroner's van what one passerby thought was really happening? it is the interview you will see only on fox 29. it is the big fast bird verse the scared cat. role reversal coming up in the trend. >> that is so cute, look at that. >> just a have 5:00 o'clock, good monday morning, july 14th, 2014, glad to have you with us on this muggy monday. >> if you are waking up brace yourself when you step outside, sue. >> you will want to have the rain gear with you because we are in the situation where we can see a shower, popping up, at anytime. a couple unsettled weather
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days to start your workweek but it will end much better than it began. today's number is a mere four today, yeah, temperatures are warm and rain won't be constant but very humid today, mostly cloudy, limited sunshine and scattered showers and thunderstorms. some of them later on could be strong to severe. that is why we have a flash flood watch in effect through tomorrow, through tomorrow night actually for those pop up showers and thunderstorms, with heavy downpours in a short period of time and could cause that flash flooding. an area have rain we have been watching north of baltimore is heading towards lancaster county and chester and new castle counties so we will keep an eye on that. otherwise widely scattered showers, and you may encounter some fog as well. there is heavier rain, northeast of baltimore, it is on its way up i-95. 75 degrees right now. relative humidity at 73 percent. sunrise at 5:44 as those days
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get shorter. ninety is our high, cloudy, mug which scattered storms and wind out of the south/southwest which keeps us pretty sticky. muggy night the again, with some fog around low of 75 degrees. the that is your fox cast, here's traffic with kacie, what is going on. >> we have a few accidents, sue serio parkesburg, heading out route ten north of chapel avenue, down utility pole. police directing traffic around the scene. the not the only accident this morning. if we go down to the shore, there we go waretown, southbound side of the garden state parkway overturn vehicle left, center lanes blocked approaching the waretown exit, kerry. >> 5:02. breaking news out of the point breeze section of the city. two people are in the hospital after they were shot shortly after 3:00 at 18th and tasker. the shooter is still on the loose but police say they believe the shooter is a woman. at this point we do not know what led to the shooting but we are working on finding out. when we get new information we will bring it to you.
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happening right now more than a hundred homes in montgomery county evacuated after residents reported a suspicious odor this in skippack. situation unfolded last night in the 4200 block of north gor ski lane. officials a several homes were found to have high readings of volatile or gap i can compounds in the basement. they are still working to identify exactly what that compound is. in the meantime though the red cross is assisting families that are displaced. all residents must contact skippack township between 8:00 this morning and 8:00 tonight before returning to their homes. list of the casinos closing in atlantic city just continues growing. trump plaza is expected to send out notices to its employees today announcing it will shut its doors come september. fox 29's jennifer joyce is following this story live from the news room, jen. >> reporter: dawn, more than 1,000 employees of the trump plaza hotel and casino will find outcome september they are out of the job. we first reported the possible closure of the casino last week, making trump plaza the
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third casino to announce its plans to close by the even of the summer and fourth this year. a gaming expert tells us that the problem is casino saturation is being felt hard in atlantic city. the not only are there more casinos in atlantic city but there are casinos here in philadelphia. >> seven years ago we had over $5 billion in gross gaming revenue in atlantic city to day we have half that. we have eight casinos and there might be one or two more before we have to really bottom out before the market is right sized as i like to say. >> reporter: this news follows the the closure of the atlantic club casino, show show both announced its plans to close, august 31st and they say their doors will close september 16th. revel filed for bankruptcy last month for the second time in a year and they could close if it does not find someone to buy the luxury casino. as expected, the gaming experts say the closures will have a devastating effect on
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atlantic city and as you heard them say, it is not over yet. >> tough situation there, thanks, jennifer. welshing meanwhile new jersey governor christies is scheduled to make two appearance necessary south jersey later today. the governor is making stops in paulsboro and camden to discuss economic redevelopment projects. last week power plant prior holtech international was approved for an incentive program that will have a move into camden. now another one of the governor chris christie's aids is testifying this week in the bridge gate scandal. lawmakers hope it will give insight into the relationship between the port authority of new york and new jersey and the governor's offices. the the committee says they still have unanswered questioned about what happened last year when lanes near the george washington bridge were shut down, that, of course, caused a traffic nightmare. governor christie will be in iowa, on thursday, when this is scheduled to happen. president barack obama is coming to our area this week, delaware governor jack markell's office confirming that the president will travel
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to wilmington also on thursday. he will be here to talk about the economy. we will learn more about the specific, in the coming days and, of course, we will keep you posted. conflict in the gaza strip showing no signs of slowing down. >> israeli leaders say they will use any means necessary to stop attacks from hamas and protect its citizens. the offensive is a week old, thousands of residents left gaza as israel ramped up its military efforts. israel has launched more than 1300 air strikes, just since last week, saying that it has killed dozens, excuse me, of palestinian militants but militant have fired more than 800 rockets at israel at a rate that has not slowed down at all, israeli officials are defending their country's position in this conflict. >> we have seen a huge amount of rockets being launch from the north of gaza, specifically around the area shown here. so indeed we have sent them a message that, it is intolerable that we won't
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permit this to happen and we will on the operate against it. we have asked the population to vacate the locations so that we can operate, and not put them in danger. >> u.s. secretary of state, job kerry, speaking by phone with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday condemning the rocket attacks on israel and expressing concern about the escalating tensions on the ground. 5:07. five people recovering from their injuries after a driver accused of dui, slams into a septa paratransit bus and the the suspect then tries to get away. >> this happened yesterday at sixth and cambria in north philadelphia. you can see the bus has flipped on its side. police say the 48 year-old driver of the cadillac ran a red light traveling southbound on six and then t bone this bus carrying three women. the bus then slammed in the traffic light pole which then felon a man who was walking by, not a good scene. neighbors who saw the crash said they that they rushed into help. >> i just jumped in right across the the street to help people out. people were screaming at me.
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so i jumped out it, and she was hanging on to the seat belt and bleeding and stuff all over. >> the the victims were taken to temple and hahnemann university hospital where they were stabilized. the driver of the cadillac was arrested on dui charges. a septa bus driver is on the mend after being attacked on the job. this happened sunday morning at 22nd and lehigh in north philadelphia. police say that two men beat up the driver of the 54 bus, and that driver, now in the hospital, and he is expect to be okay and no word yet on who is responsible. authorities say that a gunman, never tried to rob a jersey city drugstore. >> pretty chilling. instead police say he laid in wait for officers before firing on them. and now a rookie police officer is death. >> it happened at a walgreens yesterday morning. witness say that the shooter, 27 year-old lawrence campbell, told the person to watch the news because he was going to be famous. when police arrived, rather he approached the car, he opened fire and hit officer melvin
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santiago in the head and killed him. he then tried to fire on another car full of officers and they, in turn, shot and killed him. >> i cannot express how hard it is to see a body of a police officer, coming into the new jersey medical center and have his mother, identify that body. >> santiago is first jersey city officer kill in the line of duty in five years. and police say that this isn't the suspect's first run in with the law. he was identified as one of the three suspects wanted in connection with a prior homicide, also in new jersey city. police in camden are asking for your help to find a missing 17 year-old. his name is lennox smith and he is from the caribbean island of saint kit's. authorities say he was last seen saturday at the camden waterfront. he was wearing the clothes that you see right there in this photograph. if you have have any information, about this teenager, please contact the
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authorities. germany wins the the world cup, and now the four time champs, of course, defeating argentina yesterday, for now, the action in brazil captivated fans around the world. even right here at home. from young children to adults soccer is a greg sport in the united states and a lot have people watched every single game packing out business toss see what happened. the hype over the sport even helped the philadelphia union have its largest attendance this past weekend. >> going out of the 2010 world cup major league soccer had a 30 percent fan growth during that time, imagine what this 2014 and how the first fever was for world cup what that lift will do for us is just magnificent. >> keep it here, we will have highlights of the world cup action coming up in sports in a minute. and time right now for a look at your weather as we take a live look at atlantic city, new jersey. you can see the haze in the air. definitely a warm one. will it be a good beach day,
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sue? >> well, now that you mentioned it, in the the greatest, no. we do give you the shore cast, of course, every day, and we will appreciate having that in atlantic city camera so we can get a current eye on what is going on but the lightening threat is pretty high, so if you do head down to the beach and it is not going to be very bright out there, a lot have of clouds, you will to have keep an eye on the skies. upper 70's. southeasterly wind at 15 miles an hour. on the beach, 72 degrees is your ocean water temperature. when it is sunny the uv index will be high but again, not the best beach day expect: so upper 70's at the beach, 90's inland. that is your high temperature even with the clouds, showers and thunderstorms. just enough sunshine to get us up to 90. we are in the upper 80's, very muggy again tomorrow, until a final cold front comes through and sweeps the humidity away for a while. 28 degrees on wednesday as things improve, 83 on thursday, pretty nice on friday with a high of 85.
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you think we can get that going one more day on saturday, sunday is the day that looks a lit followfy in the afternoon, at least work sunshine in the morning and thunderstorms, later on in the day. but a bit of the cooling trend, and that will be a little bit more comfortable in your seven day forecast, kacie? >> it doesn't look too bad for me. as we go out to princeton, accident number three, 5:18 at canal road. every where else things moving just fine. no slow downs. nothing to slow you down except, of course, those three accidents. we will talk more about those coming up, dawn. thank you. coroner chaos, a dead body spills out of the coroner's van right on to the a busy bucks county road. what some motorist thought was really happening there. [ joel ] i'm billy joel, and new york is my home.
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welcome back. only on fox a man speaking out about an incident that no one, want to see, or experience. a lot of people thought it was a joke but unfortunately it was all too real. >> yes, a bucks county man says you need to see to it believe it. it happened on street road in lower southampton township over the weekend. the man spoke only to our chris o'connell about this horrifying accident. >> reporter: jerry bradley has now seen it all. >> it just got more and more surreal as i watched. >> reporter: he is talking about this, a dead body on a rolling gerney that fell out of this bucks county coroner's truck and in the middle of the busy intersection and dozens of cars drove by. >> first it was weird, be in
5:16 am
was stopping. i'm looking around to see if there is any cameras around and it was some kind of a weird prank. >> reporter: you thought it was a joke. >> everybody is driving around it, in one stopping. >> reporter: bradley jumped out to help the driver get the body back in the trunk. >> then it started to sink in. i walk up to the stretch even and saw it was a body bag, covered in a sheet, then i knew i said wow, this is no joke. >> reporter: bucks county officials say a rear door of this 2002 chevy pick up had a mechanical malfunction during transport. the truck news has cords securing the back hatch. in the statement the county says, the bucks county coroner's office deeply regrets this incident and will take steps to ensure that it is not repeated in the future. >> my god. >> reporter: bizarre accident had motorist in the area buzzing. >> i have no words. i usually do and i don't. >> to be honest i would think it is a prank, a stunt, and somebody is pulling my chain and they want to be a candid
5:17 am
camera things. >> reporter: unfortunately it was all too real. officials say body was that of a young woman died of a drug overdose. for bradley it is an afternoon he will never forget. >> i thought this is weirdest thing i have ever seen but then i didn't know whether i should laugh or what. i said this is somebody's loved one laying here on the highway. >> pretty disturbing. that was our chris o'connell reporting. county coroner says there will be an investigation into the accident and the driver, as for the truck, it has new been taken out of service. 5:17. around the the nation the faa is investigating the the cause of the small plane crash, in georgia. and the plane went down, in a wooded area, in carol county about an hour from atlanta the plane destroyed by fire, at least one person is confirmed dead, and authorities are looking for a second that was on board. >> i looked up and it was kind of, going back and forth and
5:18 am
the engine were stalling out on it. and i heard somebody, holler, i don't know who it was, i don't know if they were saying help or what, but they were yelling and then the engine just cut off, and i watch the plane go down and i heard it crash, and then some smoke come up. >> the the crash took place about 5 miles from the departure airport. an suv slammed into a denver optical store sending four people to the hospital. >> the driver is being treated forearm injuries, police believe he may have been high on drugs. investigators say the suv was seen driving on the wrong side of the street and may have been going way too fast. >> bay chris came in the building at a high rate of speed what it looks like to us. >> people fly up and down this road at 50 miles an hour when it is 35, clearly posted. >> police say one of those injuries is the the store's 60 year-old owner. driver has in the been arrested but police expect to take him in custody at some
5:19 am
point. an i pad is being blamed for causing a crash in the preteen. doctors say the metal in the tablet caused an emergency reaction. recent reports detailed nickel ol allergies from a variety of electronic including ipads and lap tops and cell phones. an 11 year-old boy came down with very itchy body rash because of the metal in his tablet. dermatologist say nickel rashes are in the life threatening but may require treatments with steroids, antibiotics if they are infect. british researchers have have uncovered a connection between drug addicts and people obsessed with pornography. brain scans of both groups show sex addicts get the same high from watching pornography as drug addicts do have of seeing the drug of their choice. scientists say same rewar center in the brain is triggered and both groups were fund to have similar impulse control issues. also a healthier population could be the the key to reducing cases of
5:20 am
alzheimer's disease. according to the research from the university of cambridge, gone three cases of alzheimer's is preventable. previous researches mated more than two cases but this new sudden says by retuesdaying certain risk factors by 10 percent, nearly 9 million cases office disease could be prevented by the year 2050. things are looking up for a three-year old victim of the dog attack. she is recipient of the brand new artificial eye. >> vittoria welcher's family said she lost an eye from the, incident in april. you may remember this family made national headlines, after they claimed that they were tossed out of the kentucky fried chicken because of welcher's appearance. a florida eye specialist donated the eye, after hearing her story. >> it makes me feel like we're adding something to make this child's life better. it will be at a point where she won't ab shamed to walk out in public and look at people. that way this child won't hide
5:21 am
in the shadows. >> what a sweetheart. >> las vegas based plastic surgeon is also chipping n he is making arrangements to donate reconstructive services a little further down the line. she is a sweetheart. >> so nice to see people chipping in and helping out. >> um-hmm. well, take a look at this, this is a live look, at blue mountain in the poconos mountains. funny to see it without any snow. >> that is right. >> it is green. >> we could use some snow to cool things down, sue. >> we will get cooler temperatures but not today or tomorrow. we have to deal with the fog, haze and yuck that is out there today. it is very soupy out there. hair day, not the the greatest, you can say, lets get to it. today, cloudy, foggy, muggy, with the bonus of the scattered showers and thunderstorms. we have a flash flood watch in effect because some of those storms could produce heavy rain in the short period of time. that is the case for today and tomorrow as well. tomorrow we will see mainly
5:22 am
afternoon and evening, strong to severe thunderstorms but then, ahh, by wednesday afternoon it is much better, cooler and more comfortable, wednesday, through friday, and so the even of the week looks much better than the beginning of the week. that is what to expect from your weather authority, here's kacie with what to expect on the roads a lot of accidents this morning, not a good start to your monday morning, parkesburg route ten north of the chapel avenue overturn vehicle there. down utility pole. we have a lot going on. police directing traffic around the scene. good news is the the roadway isn't shut down. but let's head over to this, when you think of cat verse bird, you probably have your money, on the cat, right? well, don't count out this poly, you'll have it coming up in the trend.
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we're starting the week, coming off the market biggest weekly drop since april. investors trying to make sense of an economic holding pattern. friday, though they did see a few small gains. s and p rose three points, dow jones climbed 29 and nasdaq rose 19 and a third. a $7 billion settlement
5:26 am
between citigroup and the justice department will be, formally announce today. the payment is for missed deeds associated with the sale of mortgaged backed securities tied to the 2008 financial christ i. samsung electronics has suspended business ties with the chinese supplier over suspect use of child labor. decision coming a week after a watch dog group said they found five children working illegally. the the company says if the allegations of child labor are in fact true it will permanently cut ties with its suppliers. movie goers were in the mood for monkey business at the box office this weekend. >> dawn of the planet of the apes, making its debut, earning $73 million. distinction that was filled by
5:27 am
tammy, and 22 jump street, rounding out the top five how to drain your dragon, two. 5:27. another atlantic city casino could be folding its cards, what workers are bracing for today. with man is facing charges for making a slash at a pool party why her jeep had to be pulled out of the pool.
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>> reporter: we are starting in a montgomery county development of a hundred houses, it develop an over powering odor, is time sunday that has 150 less dent spending breakfast time monday at a local holiday inn. also happening today more than a thousand atlantic city employees are expect to get pink slips today, latest casino to shut its doors and future of this once thriving casino town. also a young boy, following his dream, how a facebook post, helped him become a neighborhood rock star, look at that. >> good day everybody. it is monday, july 14th, 2014, thanks for starting your day with us. >> yes, muggy. >> it is muggy, in the looking forward to the next couple of days, but sue, it does begin to shape up, as we move through the week, right.
5:31 am
>> right, there are better time to anticipate as we get towards end of the workweek but your pal and mine bus stop buddy has been hanging out, since school ended and today he is at summer camp. he is with the row boats lake side i suppose but you can see he has got umbrella. that is what you will need at some point today because forecast is for some clouds showers and thunderstorms. here is your weather by the numbers. we will go with a four out of ten. temperatures warm on the plus side, rain is a constant on the plus side but minuses, humid, cloudy and showers with storms. not the greatest day. flash flood watch throughout the day on tuesday, it is through tuesday night for philadelphia, and all of the surrounding counties because of the possibility of heavy rain here and there. we are watching one area of heavyish rain just starting to move in chester county and pocket of heavy showers just
5:32 am
moving into cape may county. this is how random it is, you can look at doppler one time and then look again and see an area of heavy rain popping up. that is the deal with the flash flood watch. we will see clouds out there. 75 degrees and sunrise official at 5:44 this morning. 90 degrees should be our high temperature, we should get enough sunshine to get to 90, otherwise upper 80's, muggy cloud which scattered showers and thunderstorms anytime of the day, but towards evening time is when they will be strong those thunderstorms, if you get one, and 75 degrees is your overnight low. is there your weather authority fox cast it is time to check traffic on this muggy in morning to see how things are doing, kacie. back out to parkesburg route ten just north of the chapel avenue down utility pole police directing traffic around the scene of the accident. heading out on trolley routes 11 and 13 until august 30th you do have some track work going on in darby. so 70th street and wood land avenue that intersection up to the darby transportation
5:33 am
center you will have, shuttle busing in place so that means a longer travel time this morning, kerry. >> kacie, thank you. we have some breaking news this morning out of the point breeze section of the city. two people are in the hospital after they were shot, this was shortly after 3:00 this morning at 18th and tasker. the shooter is still on the lose. they believe the shooter is a woman. at this point we don't know what led to that shooting. happening right now, hazmat crews investigating a mysterious odor at montgomery county. more than a hundred homes have been evacuated in skippack. steve keeley is live on the scene with the very latest there, good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, kerry, long with what that strong odor is and where it is coming from all these people have other worry here. we are right off of route 113 here and if you are wondering hey is what the odor coming up out of the ground into my home, there is uneasy feeling leaving your windows open clearing the air and smelling inside while being evacuate todd a local hotel about a 20 minute drive away along the
5:34 am
northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike. and with the the whole... as we tan around we have satellite trucks you can see in our spot. everybodyes out here. who is watching the house while we're gone. any fears about anybody taking advantage of all these... >> all right. sorry about that we are having problems with steve's audio. we will get that fixed. we will head back out, to him momentarily and get the latest on that story. happening today trump plaza is expected to send out notices to their employees warning them that the casino may shut down in mid-september. >> now the final decision has in the yet been made but there is plenty of reason to worry. more than 1,000 many please are affect as well as overall economy and image. one casino shut down earlier this year and now trump and three others are on the ropes. financial expert elliott miller has been following developments in ac and he says
5:35 am
fixing the problem is going to take a lot of creativity. >> there will have to be a way to get people in on a told tuesday in the winter. the ones that stay in business will neat bet's meant, world class restaurants, maybe a little cultural items too. it is just that they are really going to have to work to keep the clients. >> elliott says there is a lot more competition for atlantic city since states like pennsylvania now have casinos as well. trump plaza a which cost 210 million-dollar to build opened back in 1984 as one of donald trump's pet projects. trump entertainment resorts says a it has tried for years to sell it. of course, there is new following the at nunsment that show boat casino hotel will close at the the end of the august and revel casino says if a buyer does not step forward very soon, it too will to have close its doors. 5:35. five people injured after an accused drunk driver slams into a septa paratransit bus,
5:36 am
what witnesses tell us they did, when they saw this accident, that may have saved lives. the big, bad bird verse the little scared cat, role reversal you wouldn't expect coming up in the trend coming up.
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5:38 am
>> welcome back. five people are recovering from injuries this morning after a driver accused of a dui slams into a septa
5:39 am
paratransit bus. police say the suspect even tried to get away. this happened yesterday at sixth and cambria in north philadelphia you can see the busies flipped on its side there. police say the 48 year-old driver of the cadillac rap a red light traveling southbound on six and then t boned the bus which was carrying three women. bus then slammed in the traffic pole which fell on the man walking by, neighbors who saw this whole thing happened say they rushed into help. >> it happened, i just jumped in and went across the street, helped people out. people were screaming inside their vehicle. i held the one lady up, she was hanging on to the seat belt and bleeding all over. >> victims were taken to temple and hahnemann university hospitals where they were stabilized. the driver of the cadillac was arrested on dui charges. wilmington's fire chief is under fire for comments allegedly made on his blog. chief anthony goodies accused of threatening to curb fire coverage, in areas represented by council members who support budget cuts for the the fire department. here's what was written on the
5:40 am
blog and i'm quoting, those council districts will be the districts that we will be forced to consider reducing, coverage in. good says that he simply wanted council members to realize the impact of their actions. he also urged residents on the blog, to speak out against eliminating funding for eight vacant fire fighter positions. dozens of daring dogs, took to the waves, in imperial beach, california. >> this was the annual surf dog competition. more than 50 bucks competed in categories that includes small greed, and tandem, 2,000 he can stators were there and all of the proceeds go to the san diego humane society. a little bit closer to home, over the weekend check out the scene in chestnut hill. this was yesterday. some fun activities, for pets, and their owners, as part of the first ever dog days of summer, festival. pets lining up for paw readers, photo booths and they had caricatures made.
5:41 am
many local animal rescues had booths set up. you said were you out there over the weekend. >> yes, it was yesterday afternoon, and it was, it was chestnut hill was over taken, by dogs. >> you brought bodey. >> yes. >> was he good. >> he was okay. >> 86 pounds of okay. >> yes. >> you know, a little bit like that being okay. >> yes, exactly. >> sue, it wasn't bad yesterday. >> did you feel more humidity then saturday. >> yes, i'm sure those dogs were feeling the heat with the fur coats on too. >> it is truth, rain it is even worse, the humidity today. plus we have had the storms to came through last night and there are more around this morning. is there more rain around this morning. we saw a little bit of lightening earlier in maryland and now it is just an area of rain that is moving into the northern part of the chesapeake bay, and, into northeastern, maryland, and chester county, in pennsylvania, and lancaster county as well. plus some scattered showers down in delaware and southern new jersey, and at the jersey
5:42 am
shore we're seeing just a few showers, here and there and then we will keep a eye on this perryville rain right now. if you are going through that part of i-95, a heavy downpour right now. as we look a head to the future we should reach 90 degrees by 2:00 in the afternoon, just enough sunshine to see that but you will see more showers, and more thunderstorms, and the greatest risk of strong thunderstorms right during the evening rush hour, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. as that moves through, from west to east. so, we will get to 90 degrees as we said today, 88 tomorrow, these are the hot, humid, stormy days. then we will start off with some clouds on wednesday but things improve in the afternoon and we will get lower humidity in here. so thursday and friday look pretty excellent with temperatures in the low to mid 80's and lower humidity. by saturday, it may start to get a little bit sticky again and then we could have more storms, on sunday but all and all as we head into the weekend it is looking much better than today and tomorrow, kacie. >> but that is what you do you make good weekends, sue, that
5:43 am
is, sue is a good weekend machine. she is. every weekend is nice. parkesburg route ten north of chapel avenue down utility pole there. police directing traffic. pretty serious accident this morning. we have another one in waretown, southbound side of the garden state parkway approaching waretown exit number 69, left and center lanes block. that is actually an overturn vehicle. one more accident, princeton, route 518 at canal road, dawn. >> thanks, kacie. a young boy following his dream, how a facebook post helped him become a neighborhood rock star. [ steve buscemi ] i'm steve buscemi,
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and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. i love exploring all its amazing history. like the revolutionary war battlefields in saratoga, or ellis island, where america welcomed some of my own family. there's also the birthplace of the women's movement, and fdr's home. come discover your favorite part of new york. plan your summer vacation at there's something for everyone.
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the phillies head to the all-star break with all kind of questions, after losing the final two games of the series against washington, i think it is obvious ruben amaro has got to start the fire sale. phillies are ten games out of first, 11 games under 500. so lets go to the ballpark. sunday's game, first inning, two on, nobody out and jason werth, the third hitter of the inning. three run home run against kyle kendrick who gets destroyed in first innings. and then ben reveer, this helped score another two runs, ian december monday. ben reveer left the game with sore feet later. that was a sore play. phillies lose to washington the score there ten-three. they will head to the all-star game. yesterday the biggest soccer game in the world, world cup final, and it got physical. it is germany, argentina, germany in white, in the extra
5:47 am
time, 113th minute, good pass, good shot, germany wins it one to nil. they win their fourth world cup. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. let's talk world cup, germany may have won it but they don't get to keep the trophy. for the past 40 years the winners of the world cup have walked away with replicas because the trophy is have coveted by thieves. the trophy is worth ten million-dollar, it has been stolen twice. once the celebration is over the the trophy is locked away for safe keeping for another four years. >> how about that. >> no kidding. hockey fans will see future nhl stars train in the sand a little later this morning. >> it is pretty cool, it is the annual trial on the aisle in stone harbor. the team's prospects will hit the beach at 96th street for conditioning and team building exercises and you can go out to the beach and watch it all happen, of course, jen fred will be there, checking it all
5:48 am
out, starting at 7:00 o'clock on "good day philadelphia". >> pretty cool. >> 5:48. topping your national headlines a teen survivor of the shooting rampage in texas is speaking out, just days after they are family was killed. this is 15 year-old cassidy stay, she thank the community of spring for their support. this is coming after the death of her parents and her four siblings last week. police say that her uncle, shot her family, when they could not tell him where his ex-wife was. they say cassidy saved her own life by deflecting a bull wet her hand. through the tragedy she's amazingly staying strong. >> i am feeling better and on a strict work part to recovery. i know my mom dad, and my family are in a much better place and i will be able to see them again one day. >> the shooting suspect appeared in court for the first time on friday, his attorney says that he is mentally ill. moving to indian, one person killed in the head on
5:49 am
collision between a bus and a stolen car. the driver of the car died, 19 passengers on that bus were injured. the collision happened near richmond about 70 miles from indianapolis, yesterday. investigators say they had been reported stolen from a truck stop just prior to the crash. all right 567:89:49. the laws of nature are fairly clear, would i think, right. cats pray on birds. >> i know mine sits outside and watches, and ready to pounds, but one skiddish kitten does not understand those laws just yet and kacie will show us in today's trend, this is cute, kacie. >> my dog goes after birds. it is how it is. brightly colored bird stands it grounds. the kitten puts up paws and defend as the parrot comes closer and the bird shows no fear. he is not backing down. >> he is here, he is here.
5:50 am
>> well, able to make amend or if the cat learned his rightful place at top of the food chain. >> wow. >> who knows, a big bully. today's and moan yum day, believe it or not that is an actual day. in honor we want to you tweet us what makes you, crazy, use the hash tag, fox 29 pandemonium. >> yes. >> i have to think about that one. >> okay. >> more than 140 characters i necessity that one. >> pandemonium is a hundred characters. >> all right. a young piano player in minnesota attracts a huge crowd to his front yard all for a free concert. >> in the rain. >> no less. it started when eight year-old dylan posted a handwritten sign outside of his home that one of his neighbors thought and created a facebook page about the event and hundreds of people showed up making him feel like a rock star.
5:51 am
>> ♪ >> i just wanted to play for people and i wanted to play for free and now i'm famous. >> now i'm famous. >> he is so cute. >> and it was a really good turnout, and it was pouring. >> torrential rains. >> the concert by the way was streamed live on the web, and about 10,000 people tuned into watch there as well. pretty incredible. be famous, i love it. 5:51. time for weather on the one's. will we need umbrellas today, sue. >> there may be a time or two that may be the case and with all of the folks going to the pool and going to the beach in summer camp it is a day to keep an eye on the sky because you there is a pretty good chance of some lightening especially later on in the day, but a storm could pop up at anytime. we have been seeing that happening on ultimate doppler this morning. it is very random and very widely scattered this morning.
5:52 am
we have muggy conditions out there. we could encounter some fog it is so humid. we are in the upper 80's by lunchtime, we will top off at 90 degrees with just that much sunshine but again, the storms this afternoon will be strong to severe, sunset at 8:29. hi, kacie. hi, sue serio. we are looking at all of the majors. things are looking good. no slow downs whatsoever, everything in the green but on the northbound side of 476 we have a bad accident. we will get to that next, kerry. kacie, thank you. 5:52. how about taking your wedding on the road. that is the goal of the new business, in nevada, we will tell you all about it the wedding on wheels.
5:53 am
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fact. every time you take advil liqui-gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster, stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
5:55 am
an ohio woman is arrested after making a splash at a pool party. >> authorities say that she crashed her jeep in the fence and then right into a pool. it happen saturday afternoon, two men, in fact, at the pool when this happened. they weren't injured, thankfully. one came to the rescue. she was still trapped inside of her car. she was safely pulled out, wasn't injured, rather but the suv didn't spare quite as well. >> i took a dive in the pool and when i hit the water, i was like oh, man that was an explosion explosion i did. i turnaround inn a there was a jeep in the pool. >> yeah, it wasn't you. the driver was charged with operating a vehicle while impaired. quick i weddings are cuss mar any las vegas.
5:56 am
now one pastor is taking a show on the road. couples looking to get hitched quick and hop aboard the wedding wagon. people have been getting married in the back of the wag than for two years now. he makes pit stops and can perform right in your backyard or your favorite spot in sin city. >> the wedding wagon was born with the crazy concept that we would join two world food truck phenomenon which is really popular and wedding chapel which is a las vegas institution. we thought what would happen if we combined those two. >> since wedding wagon got rolling the pastor has performed 3,000 weddings. he plans to open up franchises all around the country, the first of which is set to open up in phoenix, arizona. would you think finding some hidden cash could be a good thing but it is the search that has people in one california town so upset, how the seemingly good deed, caused thousands of tall ars in damage. and jennifer gist live from the news room covering yet another casino closing. >> reporter: that is right,
5:57 am
trump plaza hotel and casino is expect to hand out pink slips to roughly 1,000 employees to take, making it slips to roughly 1,000 employees to take, making it the the third casino to
5:58 am
♪ summer days drifting away to, uh oh, those summer nights ♪ ♪ well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! tell me more, tell me more... ♪ slips to roughly 1,000 employees to take, making it the the third casino to twizzlerize your summer fun with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
5:59 am
6:00 am
what crews are saying about that dangerous leak. plus... >> i cannot express how hard it is to see a body, coming in the jersey medical center. the shooter is accused of waiting for the officer so he could open fire on him what he told witnesses before the encounter. another blow to atlantic city, trump plaza employees about to be told today that they are out of the job, this is as the casino becomes just the late toes shut down. did you hear the wind last night. storms rolling through fast waking up many around the area your weather authority looking ahead today and whether we are in store for anymore rain. >> yikes. >> yes. >> it is humid out there, or toy cut you off. >> good morning is what you wanted to say. >> g


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